Applicant Tracking
  • Streamline the hiring process
  • Keep history on hired & rejected applicants
  • Fully Integrated with HR, Benefit Tracking & Training Modules

  • Proprietary algorithms optimize personnel assignments
  • Resource-matching strategy coordinates employee wage, overtime status & qualifications with needs & preferences, by position
  • Maximize service quality & minimize labor costs
  • Minimize Lost Revenue from Non-Billable OT & Regular Hours
  • Easy payroll preparation, reconciliation & client billing
  • Unique site profitability analysis report
  • Automatic real-time alerts enable fast, pre-emptive problem resolution
  • Automatic interface with Check-In/Check-Out module

Check-In/Check-Out & Meal-Break Reporting
  • Eliminate paper Time Cards & capture all clock "in" & "out" times via telephone keypad
  • Verify meal & rest break legal compliance
  • Real time notification of unauthorized overtime, missing in/out punch, labor law violation & invalid reporting location
  • Meets the needs of Security Officer, Janitor, Nurse & similar profession employers
  • Patented technology to improve the quality of service, lower costs & avoid costly class-action lawsuits
  • Eliminate payroll data entry chores
  • Simplify the billing process
  • Improve accuracy of paychecks & client invoices

Payroll Reconciliation
  • Reconciles Planned/Schedule versus Actual/Timecards Data
  • Provides Visibility & Maximum Control

Payroll & Billing Preparation
  • Easy-to-understand overview & summary of hours paid & billed, by site
  • Highlighted employee shift hours & actual time, as approved
  • Overview & summary of hours paid & billed, by site
  • Interface with all payroll and billing systems

Site Profitability & Financial Analysis
  • Track profit by employee, site, district & business unit
  • Reports up to one year of historical comparisons
  • Identify problems and opportunities, quick & easy

HR & Benefit Tracking
  • Streamline HR administration
  • Database of Work Authorization, Worker's Compensation, Termination/Rehiring history & Demographics, by employee
  • Employee benefits, dependent & beneficiary information (e.g., 401K Benefits, Health & Dental Benefits) reports
  • Continued employee eligibility for Health & Dental Insurance Coverage & other company benefits reports
  • Other typical HR reports, such as Equal Employment Opportunity Program, Census, etc.

Web-Based Employee Training
  • Maintain high Employee training standards
  • Customer-specific training content, including text, images & video
  • On-line examinations & grading
  • Syllabus version control enables authors to "Check-out" various courses during modification
  • Includes "Off-the-Shelf" courses, such as Sexual Harassment Training

Training Compliance Reports
  • Ensure all mandated training is successfully administered
  • Track optional & mandated training, by employee
  • Management notifications & reports of scheduled & over-due course units
  • Track all expiration dates & notify employees & supervisors
  • Issue Course Completion Certificates in compliance with local & state laws (AB2880, etc.)

Web-Based Activity Logs & Incident Reports
  • Authorized personnel record incidents & shift activity (Daily Activity Reports (DAR), Medical and Incident Reports) on-line
  • On-Line Logs can be queried, printed and accessed by authorized clients

Real-Time Personnel Tracking
  • Real time tracking of all employees and visitors, using Bar-Code decals, I-Buttons, GPS, wearable computers, cell phones, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and other advanced technologies.
  • Real time automatic alerts send to supervisors for missed check-points, employee inactivity & geo-fence violations
  • Personnel movements are displayed on site-maps & accessible by authorized clients via the Internet
  • On-line Incident Reports
  • Past shift activity play-back, at normal or 25X speed, for easy incident reconstruction